NORRIS genealogy

As I cant trace my NORRIS ancestry further back than Andrew Norris who died in Rosedale in 1828, all of the stuff below is merely generic Norris information to which I can lay no claim. No matter, ...

The name NORRIS has at least 2 potential derivations: one who came from the north or who lived in the north (there was a word "noreis" or "norreis" meaning a northerner), or from one who cared for others (the word "norrice" for nurse). There are also references to Noreis back in the 12th century and to a Robert le Noris in the 1297 Yorkshire Subsidy Roll. Not only that but there was (is?) a Norreys family who lived near to Reading (where I now live) in England who were the keepers of the Queens swans on the river Thames, and who lay claim to getting the hamlet Hampstead Norreys named after them. There is also a Norris Street in London. One day this may all fit together.

Right - the above paragraph was my simple knowledge on the subject. Steven Norris in America has published a truly comprehensive Norris web site - try Norris Families in America, although he has taken his historic data off-line (available by email as it is so big).

The screen dump below is from the 2% sample of the 1851 UK census, and shows the distribution of folk with the surname NORRIS across the UK. In short, the densest location of the name is in Lancashire.

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Last updated on 22 Sep 2013.