I have two links to Dutch ancestry: both are via Dutchmen who emigrated to the Cape. The first, Willem Hendrik BOSHOFF landed in the Cape in 1741, and more about his descendants is on my South African page. So far nothing reliable is known about his ancestors.

The second was my great grandfather, Johannes Adrianus Franciscus van GINKEL who was born in the Hague in 1866 and emigrated to the Cape in the 1890s. A Tiny Tafel extract of his ancestory is included below. The details of his ancestory prior to 1800 are sketchy and involve quite a bit of guesswork on my part - I believe there is a link to the Earl of Athlone and hence latched onto a bit of that tree that I got from Burke's Peerage!

    :     BENTINCK\unknown/unknown
    :     DE NASSAU-ZUYLESTEIN\unknown/unknown
1763:1763 GIJSING\'s-Gravenhage, The Netherlands/'s-Gravenhage, The Netherlands
1773:1773 HEIJLEN\The Netherlands/The Netherlands
1803:1803 HENSEN\Zwolle, The Netherlands/Zwolle, The Netherlands
1815:1815 STRACHE\The Netherlands/The Netherlands
1584:1584 TURNOR\unknown/unknown
1801:1989 VAN GINKEL\'s-Gravenhage, The Netherlands/Cape Town, South Africa
1608:1608 VAN LEEFDAEL\unknown/unknown
1584:1584 VAN MEETKERCKEN\unknown/unknown
1608:1608 VAN RAESVELD\unknown/unknown
1644:1989 VAN REEDE\Amerongen Castle, Utrecht/Cape Town, South Africa
1745:1745 VAN SEROOSKERKEN\Zuylen Castle/Zuylen Castle
18/9:18/9 VAN WASSENAAR\The Hague/The Hague
1813:1838 VERBAARSCHOTT\The Netherlands/Middelburg, The Netherlands
    :     WROTH\unknown/unknown

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Last updated on 22 Sep 2013.