German family

I have recorded quite a bit of my wife's ancestry. She was born in Bavaria close to the German/Austrian/Swiss border. I have included below a Tiny Tafel extract of her ancestry (excluding the soundex) - the columns are earliest known date, last known date, SURNAME, earliest known place, last known place.

1767:1767 BEER\Schmelze, Hörbranz, Austria/Schmelze, Hörbranz, Austria
1732:1732 BLANTH\Austria/Austria
1766:1766 GAMBS\Germany/Germany
1723:1723 GERSTER\Austria/Austria
1831:1831 GOBEL\Möckenlohe, Bayern, Germany/Möckenlohe, Bayern, Germany
1762:1789 GORBACH\Ziegelbach, Hörbranz, Austria/Hörbranz, Austria
1750:1825 HANE\Franhofen, Hörbranz, Austria/Weidach, Hörbranz, Austria
1767:1767 HERLEMEIER\Bregenz, Austria/Bregenz, Austria
1755:1755 KARG\Germany/Germany
1796:1989 KOLLMUß\Schreckenmanklitz, Germany/Lindau(B), Germany
1785:1820 KRESSER\Langenried, Oberreute, Germany/, Oberreute, Germany
1823:1980 LECHERMEIER\Irgertsheim, Germany/Irgertsheim, Germany
1845:1845 LÖCHERER\Trauchgau, Germany/Trauchgau, Germany
1826:1869 MARGRAF\Pietenfeld, Germany/Pietenfeld, Germany
1787:1862 MILZ\Scheiden?/Hörbranz, Austria
1843:1843 NETTER\Pietenfeld, Germany/Pietenfeld, Germany
1829:1961 NIGGL\Trauchgau, Germany/Lindau(B), Germany
1726:1726 PFAUER\Austria/Austria
1756:1788 REICHART\Hörbranz, Austria/Hörbranz, Austria
1737:1737 ROMBERG\Austria/Austria
1833:1833 SCHAUER\Irgertsheim, Germany/Irgertsheim, Germany
1833:1833 SCHODER\Irgertsheim, Germany/Irgertsheim, Germany
1816:1863 SEILER\Irgertsheim, Germany/Irgertsheim, Germany
1823:1911 SPETH\Möckenlohe, Bayern, Germany/unknown
1796:1796 STEIB\Dornach, Germany/Dornach, Germany
1753:1753 STEIBLE\Backenreute, Austria/Backenreute, Austria
1815:1815 STRAUBING\Buching, Germany/Buching, Germany
1720:1720 SUTTER\Austria/Austria
1782:1782 SUTTERLITTE\Langenried, Oberreute, Germany/Oberreute, Germany

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Last updated on 22 Sep 2013.