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My father was born in Yorkshire, and as far as I have traced all his ancestors are English. In fact most of them come from the area now called Cleveland but in their day they probably understood the North Riding of Yorkshire and the southern part of Durham. Accordingly, membership of the Cleveland Family History Society has been particularly useful to me to understand how to conduct research in this area as well as the fact they have published many booklets of various genealogical interest. My particular challenge on this part of the tree is, where did Andrew NORRIS (who died in Rosedale, Yorkshire in 1828) come from? He was born about 1752. The list below is a Tiny Tafel view (excluding the soundex) - the columns are earliest known date, last known date, SURNAME, earliest known place, last known place.

1636:1636 AGAR\Yorkshire, England/Yorkshire, England
1798:1798 BARUGH\Durham, England/Durham, England
1776:1776 BEEFORD\Egton, Yorkshire, England/Egton, Yorkshire, England
1710:1749 COLLIER\Farndale, Yorkshire, England/Farndale, Yorkshire, England
1724:1777 EDWARDS\Bransdale, Yorkshire, England/Bransdale, Yorkshire, England
1571:1571 ELLERBIE\Lastingham, Yorkshire, England/Lastingham, Yorkshire, England
1737:1906 ELS(E)TOB\Durham, England/Wynyard, Durham, England
1716:1803 FARROW\Egglescliff, Durham, England/Coopon, Durham, England
1810:1810 FOSTER\Guisborough, Yorks, England/Guisborough, Yorks, England
1720:1720 FRANK\Farndale, Yorkshire, England/Farndale, Yorkshire, England
1655:1897 FRANKLAND\Yorkshire, England/Yorks, England
1783:1783 HICKSON\Shadforth, Durham, England/Shadforth, Durham, England
1789:1849 HOLBURN\Billingham, Durham, England/Elwick Hall, Durham, England
1778:1802 HUGILL\Bransdale, Yorkshire, England/Bilsdale, Yorkshire, England
1779:1779 JOPLING\Durham, England/Durham, England
1725:1725 LACY\Egton, Yorkshire, England/Egton, Yorkshire, England
1752:1989 NORRIS\Rosedale, Yorkshire, England/Reading, Berkshire, England
1748:1748 PETCH\Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire, Englang/Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire, England
1655:1655 ROUNTREE\Longnewton, Durham, England/Longnewton, Durham, England
1764:1764 SMITH\Cooper Bewley, Durham, England/Cooper Bewley, Durham, England
1610:1610 SNOWDON\Lastingham, Yorkshire, England/Lastingham, Yorkshire, England
1710:1710 SONLEY\Farndale, Yorkshire, England/Farndale, Yorkshire, England
1682:1682 STORR\Egton, Yorkshire, England/Egton, Yorkshire, England
1512:1994 STRICKLAND\Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire, England/Rosedale, Yorkshire, England
1830:1830 THOMPSON\Wolviston, Durham, England/Wolviston, Durham, England
1691:1869 WASS\Coniscliffe, Durham, England/Stockton, Durham, England
1725:1755 WILK(E)S\Bransdale, Yorkshire, England/Bransdale, Yorkshire, England
1755:1755 WILKS\Bransdale, Yorkshire, England/Bransdale, Yorkshire, England
1800:1829 WREN\Yorks, England/Yorks, England

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